Frequently Asked Questions

Is Morocco a secure country ?

As many developing countries, Morocco depends economically on tourism to a large extent. Many Europeans prefer Morocco as a vocation destination. Police are everywhere especially in big cities. In addition to that, all guides must be trained and registered to do their job the way required and guarantee safety.. Also, the means of transport such us trains, buses... so on are safe.
Since the political situation is a crucial determinant to grantee safety. Morocco has a solid diplomatic trade associations in Europe, particularly France - and increasingly the USA and Asia eastern countries, positive change and development are in the future for Morocco. Moroccans practice a equinoctial and indulgent form of Islam and are sensitive to the case of Palestine and Iraq. Also, if any extremist attacks - though rare- take place, the country robustly punish them; and there no wars inside the county or with other countries. Moroccans are happy to welcome visitors and are famous for their hospitality and generosity.

What can I expect during the tour ?

The appreciation of cultural diversity, sounds, smells, language, expression, light, relaxing, enjoying and accepting are the key to approach Moroccans. Since Morocco is a developing country, Sometimes visitor's expectations are not met by a culture that is not very used to foreigners, you might encounter some of your requests with delightful outcomes. Since life is so fast in many Europeans countries they may good Life moving by nature lot slower, and this must be taken into account when something is taking too much time.
Africans in general and Moroccans in particular have much to teach visitors who come from the modern world about ways to enjoy and grasp new and ancient ways of living and managing to survive despite hardships. As a matter of fact, Travelling to a developing country such as Morocco can be meanwhile a very interesting and challenging experience. Moroccans make lots efforts to make tourists at ease and provide what is needed.

When can I book with Morocco Desert World ?

Private tours at any time of the year and limitless number of days are provided by us. All you have to do is to email your interests, your trip time, and the number of tourists in your team to travel across Morocco. Tour guidelines along with trip ideas will be sent to you on the basis of your interest and you select your trip. Then, the costs will be estimated and can be paid with Euro or American Dollar.

How much a tour with Morocco Desert World will cost ?

We do offer good services, and we do pay our employees well. We provide meals and comfortable hotels. So, you might find our prices higher than other companies. The quality of the services and the workers are the ones that might make the payment different. On the other hand, some other associations that give similar services might have lower prices; it's because they don't pay their employees well or they don't provide retirement as we actually do.

Can women travel safely around Morocco ?

To gain respect, Females should dress up something suitable so that they can move from one place to another with no problems. In general, Foreigners are being dealt with the duality of marvellous hospitality as they are considered a source of financial earning. Moroccan citizens tend to invite visitors to have tea or dine which is absolutely a stunning experience. Moroccans tend to keep their habits and tradition so men are not allowed to shake hands with women or even to sit with them unless necessary.

What clothes are suitable to wear in the country ?

In Morocco, one can dress up the way they wish regardless if they are home or outside. Thus, visitors are not expected to behave like Moroccans because the latter are very welcoming and indulgent to tourists. For males, Moroccan are okay with longer shorts and shirts. For females, however, bringing a scarf to cover bare shoulders and arms in the countryside is a great idea to think about. However, is rejected to wear short except under knee length. if one pick up to dress with skin showing, and react with a muffled laugh or cover their eyes, People in the countryside will be clearly confounded. It's like you're walking around in your underclothes. City residents often dress as foreigners do.

What kind of accommodation do you offer ?

In cities like Marrakech, Essaouira and Fes, our company provides hotels remade from charming old merchant houses. Our visitors are provided with 3 or 4 star level medina Riads and Guest houses and old Kasbahs (5 stars hotels and Riads are upon request). In Casablanca, we utilize a new hotel in the centre. Breakfast is included in hotel stays, and many do also involve dinner. You will stay in traditional mud kasbahs, many with wood burning fireplaces, air conditioning, salons, swimming pools, and roof terraces for meals and relaxing. They are charming and comfortable yet tend to be cold in the winter in the higher elevations mountain locations or desert.

Cars and means of transport that we use ?

we assign Vehicles and drivers to tours on the grounds of time and place. For private transport, we can arrange to any location in the country. Our cars and drivers are originally from South East. If a tourist wants to stay, the car and driver must also stay in any location. To go to visit Tangier or Fes or Casablanca, It takes one day to reach the aforementioned locations.
For our services, we do use 4x4 vehicles such us Toyota Land Cruisers, Mitsubishi, Nissan for our private tours. Our 4x4's have a lot of room and they seat 4 and 5 average sized people quite comfortably. All are within 5 years old and are customarily required to licensing and service checks through the Transport Touristic authority in Morocco. We utilize Renault or Mercedes minibuses for group tours.

How is food in Morocco like ?

The Moroccan cuisine is among the best cuisines in the world. The most popular dish is Couscous, served with meat (beef, lamb, or sometimes chicken) and a wide variety of vegetables. Another common dish is Tagine: a very traditional meal served with meat, vegetables and a basket of bread beside. If you´re vegetarian or vegan, you can request vegetarian meals for the trip.
Your meal will start with a selection of entries, often different salads, a plate of olives, and/or some cooked vegetables like Zaalouk which is mashed eggplants with tomatoes and others…
Mint tea is very, very popular in Morocco, but it is full-on caffeinated. So, if you prefer decaf coffee or tea, consider bringing your own since it is rarely served in Morocco. And also, if you are gluten-free, it would be hard to find gluten-free bread.

Can I wander around easily without a guide ?

Good guide books are recommended like Rough Guide, National Geographic, Cadogan, or Time Out for accuracy, good advice, great maps and cultural details. However, a human guide is advisable for a few hours to permit yourself to become familiar with the culture and get to know a real Moroccan. Also, read about tipping below after a day or so. Yet, since Morocco is fun to explore, many people love to figure out their own way.

When can we reserve a guide ?

Drivers will aid and inform on your tour but often cannot catch your services outside the car at particular destinations. But, they can aid you find and hire a local informed guide if necessary. However, setting a tour with Morocco Desert World, to did you discover the city. Your driver will work as your guide when you are on tour, and he is going aid you to hire an English speaking site to direct when and where you wish on tourist, but they are not permitted to act as an official guide unless they were asked to. City guides for Marrakech and Fes, and some other places are listed as contained on your client tour outline.

Are our guides well qualified ?

In some places, only local guides are permitted to work. But, generally speaking, all guides must complete a two year government training course and carry a badge that qualifies them to do their work professionally and the way wanted by visitors.

Are your guides multilingual ?

in addition to Berber and Arabic ( their native languages), Our guides are well trained and know many languages including French, Spanish, and English and often some German, Japanese, Italian and Dutch as well. Also, Our drivers know English, Spanish and French

Do you pay local staff well ?

We struggle to pay higher than what we actually do. Also, we do equip a retirement for our full time workers. Concerning local people, they aren't well paid. As a case in point, a porter or a muleteer with a mule receives the Morocco Tourism Ministry suggested minimum. Your tip is significant to back up their sustenance.

Do locals accept tips and how much should I give if so ?

Since tipping is habitual - even Moroccans are prospected to do it- it also does depend on visitors… employees work with your team of 4 or less with 100 dirhams or more for a professional guide per hour. But, if the number of tourists is bigger, you should consider adding 50 dirhams per hour for each additional person . They'll probably expect a tip and you can offer them 10-20 dirhams, If someone shows you back to your hotel keeping spare money in your pocket will be a good idea to dodge digging through your wallet.

What do you recommend regarding giving money or gifts ?

Trying to figure out how destitute person really is before proving a few dirhams to anyone begging on the road because you aim at helping poor people, especially during Ramadan days. However, you have to pay attention since there are a number of scams based upon organised begging and take the latter as profession. Since Pedophilia is on the rise in Morocco, particularly in Marrakech and giving promotes kids to freely approach foreigners, Please, never give anything to kids, no matter how necessitous they are. However, giving money to people who are responsible for children will be much better because they know what those children really need.

Do locals work during the Holy Ramadan ?

In the holy Ramadan, a lot of stores, museums, and markets are closed. Hence our company tends to advise their clients to come either before or after Ramadan. However, Employees are always there to be at your service. As known, They don't neither eat nor drink. But, note that two very important times are breakfast before sunrise and just after sunset when the fast is broken. Our company kindly asks visitors to respect these for your workers.

Do locals feel happy of tourist visit to their home ?

Many rural economies are tourism-based . They aid rural areas residents to support the local economy. Thus, they are more than happy to help tourists. Visitors make cafes, restaurant and everything works since still based on the swap, and cash only system.

Does Morocco Desert World have references ?

Yes it does have references, tourists are invited to read previous guidelines and Trip Advisor reviews along with testimonial paragraphs from some clients who have travelled with our company the last few years.

Why are your prices in Euro & US dollar ?

Our company utilizes online credit card payments in Euro & U.S. dollar because Moroccan currency ( Dirham) is not used internationally. Therefore we do accept payments from any country in the world.

Changing currency in Morocco ?

There is a charge for overseas transactions from your bank and visitors are advised to take out large sums at a time. You can buy dirhams( Moroccan currency) at foreign exchanges and banks outside Morocco. Since Morocco is still a cash based economy, Euros and US dollar are always accepted in Morocco. You can also utilise your debit card at bank machines.
Something is worth mentioning here is that your bank doesn't have to charge huge transaction fees for an overseas deal; or else, bring your bank debit card to acquire cash just about anywhere. MasterCard is usually accepted in the bigger shops and restaurants, but double check that the total on your bill is in the proper currency.